The Distillery

Stone Grange Distillery

Stone Grange Craft Distillery was founded back in 2009. Up until now, the distillery has produced a wide range of spirits including aquavit, absinthe, marc and brandy. The brandy and marc are produced using grapes from the distillery’s own vineyard.

The focus today is on GIN!

The distillery is situated in beautiful surroundings on the shores of Lake Esrom, north of Copenhagen. It is equipped with a copper column still and other equipment for bottling and handling spirits. The distillery has laboratory facilities, including gas chromatography for quality assurance.

Master distiller Henrik Elsner, who holds a Ph.D. in bioorganic chemistry, is head of the distillery. His vision is to produce authentic spirits based on craft and science.

Today the distillery produces six different gins, all based on the same three botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds and Danish carrots. The gins are so called compound gins, which means that the botanicals are distilled separately and mixed afterwards. The distillery also uses a macerate of juniper berries and carrots. Wheat provides the base for the spirit.

The three botanicals are distilled in different ways to obtain the perfect distillates with optimum organoleptic properties. Special coriander seeds have many unwanted taste components, which are carefully removed during the distillation by temperature and cutting techniques.

The juniper berries are grown in the wild in Macedonia, the coriander seeds mainly come from the Ukraine and Bulgaria. The Danish carrots are harvested in the end of July and are distilled within 24 hours to obtain the fresh carrot taste.

Using this production method, it is possible to produce different gins with extraordinary precision, each with a different taste, nose and colour.

All the gins have a relative high percentage of alcohol. This is necessary due to the high content of essential oils from the juniper berries, which are insoluble in water.